Exploit Title: Joomla com_osproperty Unrestricted File Upload 

 Google Dork: com_osproperty

 Date: [13-07-2012]

 Author: Daniel Barragan "D4NB4R"

 Twitter: @D4NB4R

 site: http://www.insecurityperu.org/  &  http://poisonsecurity.wordpress.com/

 Vendor: Ossolution Team http://extensions.joomla.org/

 Version: 2.0.2 (last update on Jul 12, 2012)

 License: Commercial $ 28.86us
 Tested on: [Linux(arch)-Windows(7ultimate)]

1.  Go to this route
    Ingrese a esta ruta

2.  Complete the form, raising the shell.php instead of your photo
    Complete el formulario, subiendo la shell.php en lugar de su foto

3.  Locate your file in the root /osproperty/agent/ 
    Busque su archivo en la raiz /osproperty/agent/ 

Help:  This path can help you find your web shell in case you need it
       Este path le puede ayudar a encontrar su web shell en caso q lo necesite

Im not responsible for which is given
No me hago responsable del uso que se le de
Daniel Barragan "D4NB4R"  2012
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Joomla OS Property 2.0.2 Unrestricted File Upload
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