Exploit Title: Joomla com_movm SQL Injection
 Date: [31-07-2012]
 Author: Daniel Barragan "D4NB4R"
 Twitter: @D4NB4R
 site: http://poisonsecurity.wordpress.com/
 Vendor: http://www.movm.net/
 Version: 1.0 (Date Added 28 July 2012)
 License: Commercial $ 49.99 us

 Demo: http://www.movm.net/movm-mobile-virtuemart-site-demo/
 Tested on: [Linux(bt5)-Windows(7ultimate)]
 This component was released 3 days ago.be careful when using this component 
 Movm is a joomla extension for mobiles which optimize VirtueMart sites for iphone, android and blackberry. 
 It is compatible  with Joomla2.5 and VirtueMart 2.0.Have used Jquery mobile, so it gives native effect to Web App.
 This component can be Attacked from a mobile, put the following string in the url field.


Im not responsible for which is given
No me hago responsable del uso que se le de
Daniel Barragan "D4NB4R"  2012 
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Joomla Movm Extension (com_movm) SQL Injection
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