Exploit Title: Joomla Freestyle Support com_fss sqli

 Dork: N/A
 Date: [17-10-2012]
 Author: Daniel Barragan "D4NB4R"
 Twitter: @D4NB4R
 Vendor: http://freestyle-joomla.com
 Version: Version (last update on Oct 15, 2012)
 License: Commercial

 Download: http://freestyle-joomla.com/fssdownloads
 Tested on: [Linux(bt5)-Windows(7ultimate)]

 Especial greetz:  Pilot, _84kur10_, nav, dedalo, devboot, ksha, shine, p0fk, the_s41nt

Descripcion joomla component: 

Advanced ticketed support/help desk on your website. Includes Knowledge Base, FAQs, Announcements, Glossary, Tickets by Email, Testimonials and many other features. Robust, customizable, professional, affordable and easy to use.

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    SQL : SQL injection

Daniel Barragan "D4NB4R" 2012

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Joomla Freestyle Support (com_fss) SQL Injection
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