Dell Kace 1000 SMA v5.4.70402 - Persistent Vulnerabilities




Common Vulnerability Scoring System:

Dell KACE is to provide an appliance-based approach to systems management, to create time for systems administration professionals, 
while saving money for their companies. Dell KACE Systems Management Appliances are available as both physical and virtual appliances. 

The KACE Management Appliance delivers a fully integrated systems management solution, unlike traditional software approaches that 
can require complex and time-consuming deployment and maintenance. KACE accomplishes this via an extremely flexible, intelligent 
appliance-based architecture that typically deploys in days and is self maintaining. The KACE Management Appliance also provides 
direct access to time-saving ITNinja systems management community information using AppDeploy Live, the leading destination for end 
point administrators. The result: Comprehensive systems management that is easy-to-use and that can be more economical than software 
only alternatives. Read more in the white paper KACE K1000 Management Appliance Architecture: Harnessing the Power of an 
Appliance-based Architecture. The KACE Management Appliance is designed for enterprises and business units with up to 20,000 nodes. 

(Copy of the Vendor Homepage:  http://www.kace.com/products/systems-management-appliance )

The Vulnerability Laboratory Research Team discovered a web session vulnerability in Dell Kace K1000, Systems Management Appliance.

2013-01-24:     Researcher Notification & Coordination
2013-02-06:     Vendor Notification
2013-02-08:     Vendor Response/Feedback
2013-**-**:     Vendor Fix/Patch
2013-07-16:     Public Disclosure


Affected Products:
Product: Kace K1000 SMA 5.4.70402



Multiple persistent input validation web vulnerabilities are detected in Dell Kace K1000, Systems Management Appliance.
The vulnerabilityallows an attacker to inject own malicious script code in the vulnerable module on application side (persistent).

The first vulnerability is located in the `Inventory` module with the bound vulnerable Ip-address, Mac, Os Name, Service pack, 
Notes and Label Name parameters. The persistent injected script code will be executed directly out of the `Computer` listing 
when processing to manage the earlier inserted machines in dbms context.

The second vulnerability is located in the `Distribution` module with the bound vulnerable Machine Name and Mac address parameters. 
The persistent injected script code will be executed directly out of the `Walk-on-lan` exception handling mechanism when a malicious 
data is inserted in the vulnerable fields.

Successful exploitation of the vulnerabilities result in persistent session hijacking, persistent phishing, persistent external 
redirects, persistent external malware loads via inject and persistent vulnerable module web context manipulation.

Vulnerable Section(s):
      [+] Inventory => Computers
      [+] Inventory => Computers
      [+] Distribution =>  Wake-on-lan

Vulnerable Module(s):
      [+] Add New Item
      [+] Add Label
      [+] Add new Item
Vulnerable Parameter(s):
      [+] [Ip-address] [Mac] [Os Name] [Service pack] [Notes]
      [+] [Label Name]
      [+] [Machine Name] [Mac address]

Affected Modules(s):
      [+] Inventory => Computers
      [+] Inventory => Computers => Choose Action Menu => Apply label
      [+] Distribution =>  Wake-on-lan =>Exception handeling 

Proof of Concept:
The vulnerability can be exploited by remote attackers with low user interaction and low privilege application user account.
For demonstration or reproduce ...


URL:  https://pub23.
Affected Module: Inventory => Computers 

Code Review:

<div style="margin-left:15px; color: #005FA9; font-family:Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif; font-size:10px; font-weight:300;">
<script type="text/javascript" src="/common/js/scw.js"></script>
            <script type="text/javascript">
// this will get set at the end of the page, after we've generated all the dynamic sections
            var gLastSectionId = 0;
            [<a href="#" onclick='expandAllDetail(gLastSectionId, 1);'>Expand All</a>]
            [<a href="#" onclick='expandAllDetail
(gLastSectionId);printSpecial()'>Printer Friendly Version</a>]
                        [<a href="history_log.php?HISTORY_TYPE=ASSET&TYPE_NAME=
Computer&TYPE_ID=8&NAME=%26lt%3Bh1%26gt%3BName%26lt%3B%2Fh1%26gt%3B&SHOW_ALL=1" onclick='logPopup(this); return false;'>Show All History</a>]
                       <div id="printReady" style="margin-top:2px;">
                <table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" 
<tr class="detail_page_section_heading_no_cursor">
    <td colspan="3">
<a style="cursor: pointer;cursor: hand;" onclick="hideShowDetail('section1',null,'','',''); return false;">Summary</a>

<tbody id="section1" style="display:none;">
<tr valign="top" class="rowHighlightData"><td width="1%">  </td><td style="width:150px;min-
<tr valign="top" class="rowData"><td width="1%">  </td>
<td style="width:150px;min-width:100px;">Manual Entry:</td><td>Manually Entered Record, no communication with the server 
[<a href="/adminui/machine_edit.php?ID=2">Edit</a>]</td></tr>
<tr valign="top" class="rowHighlightData"><td width="1%">  </td>
<td style="width:150px;min-width:100px;">IP Address:</td><td>[PERSISTENT INJECTED SCRIPT CODE!]  <select onchange="
if(this.options[this.selectedIndex].value=='1') MachineAction('<h1>Ip-Address</h1>','<h1>Name</h1>', 2, encodeURI('mstsc.exe /v:KACE_HOST_IP /w:900 /h:800'));">
<option value="">Action...</option><option title="Launch: mstsc.exe /v:KACE_HOST_IP /w:900 /h:800" value="1">Action 1</option></select></td></tr>

<tr valign="top" class="rowData"><td width="1%">  </td><td style="width:150px;min-width:100px;">MAC:</td><td>[PERSISTENT INJECTED SCRIPT CODE!]</td>
<tr valign="top" class="rowHighlightData"><td width="1%">  </td><td style="width:150px;min-width:100px;">
Processors:</td><td>[PERSISTENT INJECTED SCRIPT CODE!]</td></tr>
<tr valign="top" class="rowData"><td width="1%">  </td><td style="width:150px;
min-width:100px;">OS Name:</td><td>[PERSISTENT INJECTED SCRIPT CODE!]v</td></tr>
<tr valign="top" class="rowHighlightData"><td width="1%">  </td>
<td style="width:150px;min-width:100px;">Service Pack:</td><td>[PERSISTENT INJECTED SCRIPT CODE!]</td></tr>
<tr valign="top" class="rowData">
<td width="1%">  </td><td style="width:150px;min-width:100px;">Notes:</td><td>[PERSISTENT INJECTED SCRIPT CODE!]</td></tr>
<tr valign="top" 
class="rowHighlightData"><td width="1%">  </td><td style="width:150px;min-width:100px;">Record Created:</td><td>01/28/2013 05:31:49</td></tr>

<tr class="rowData"><td colspan="3"> </td></tr>
</tbody><tbody><tr class="detail_page_group_heading"><td colspan="3">Inventory Information
<tr class="detail_page_section_heading_no_cursor">
    <td colspan="3">
        <a style="cursor: pointer;cursor: hand;" 
onclick="hideShowDetail('section2',null,'','',''); return false;">Hardware</a>   <span style="color:#909090"> [no changes]</span>
<tbody id="section2" style="display:none;">
<tr valign="top" class="rowHighlightData"><td width="1%">  </td>
<td style="width:150px;min-width:100px;">Processors:</td><td>[PERSISTENT INJECTED SCRIPT CODE!]</td></tr>
<tr valign="top" class="rowData"><td width="1%">  </td><td style="width:150px;min-width:100px;">CD/DVD Drives:</td><td>[PERSISTENT INJECTED SCRIPT CODE!]</td></tr>
<tr valign="top"
 class="rowHighlightData"><td width="1%">  </td><td style="width:150px;min-width:100px;">
Sound Devices:</td><td>[PERSISTENT INJECTED SCRIPT CODE!]</td></tr>
<tr valign="top" class="rowData"><td width="1%">  </td>
<td style="width:150px;min-width:100px;">Video Controllers:</td><td>[PERSISTENT INJECTED SCRIPT CODE!]</td></tr>
<tr valign="top" 
class="rowHighlightData"><td width="1%">  </td><td style="width:150px;min-width:100px;">Monitor:
<tr class="rowData"><td colspan="3"> </td></tr>
<tr class="detail_page_section_heading_no_cursor">
    <td colspan="3">
        <a style="cursor: pointer;cursor: hand;" onclick="hideShowDetail
('section3',null,'','',''); return false;">Printers (1)</a>



Affected Module: Inventory =>Computers => choose action => Apply Label

Code Review:

<td class="inputFormat"><select name="FINDFIELDS[EXP_SELECT8]" id="FINDFIELDS[EXP_SELECT8]" onchange="$('FINDFIELDS[INPUT8]').disabled =
                            ($F(this) == 'NULL' || $F(this) == 'NOT_NULL')" style="width:auto">
<option value="NOT_EQUAL" title="!=">!=
<option value="GT" title=">">></option>
<option value="LT" title="<"><</option>
<option value="EQUALS" title="=">=</option>

<option value="BEGINS_WITH" title="begins with">begins with</option>
<option value="CONTAINS" title="contains">contains</option>
value="NOT_BEGINS_WITH" title="does not begin with">does not begin with</option>
<option value="NO_CONTAIN" title="does not contain">does not 
<option value="NOT_ENDS_WITH" title="does not end with">does not end with</option>
<option value="NOT_MATCH_REGEX" title="does 
not match REGEX">does not match REGEX</option>
<option value="ENDS_WITH" title="ends with">ends with</option>
<option value="NOT_NULL" title="
is NOT NULL">is NOT NULL</option>
<option value="NULL" title="is NULL">is NULL</option>
<option value="MATCH_REGEX" title="matches REGEX">matches 
<td class="inputFormat"><input class="inputFormat" name="FINDFIELDS[INPUT8]" id="FINDFIELDS[INPUT8]" value="" 
size="46" maxlength="255"  /></td>
                    <td colspan="4" align="center" class="inputFormat">
Choose label:
                        <select name="FINDFIELDS[FILTER_LABEL]" dojoType="dijit.form.ComboBox">
<script type="dojo/connect">
<option selected value="" title=""></option>
<option value="77" title="">[PERSISTENT INJECTED SCRIPT CODE!]"
                        <input name="test_filter" class="inputFormatButton" type="submit" 
value="Test Smart Label" />
                                                    <input name="create_filter" class="inputFormatButton" type="submit" 
value="Create Smart Label" />
                            <input name="cancel" class="inputFormatButton" type="reset" value="Reset" onclick="document.createFilterForm.reset(); return true;" />
    <div id="createNotifyForm" class="advQueryOuter">
        <div class="advQueryInner">

<h2>Create Email Notification</h2>
            <p>To create a notification rule simply enter the search criteria, title, email recipient - 
then Test & Create:</p>            <form name="createNotifyForm" action="/adminui/advanced_query.php" method="post" onreset="fieldsReset(); 
                <table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" style="margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" align="center">


URL: https://pub23.

Affected module: Distribution => Wake-on Lan => Exception handeling 

Code Review:

This page allows you to wake up a computer or other device that has been inventoried by the K1000 
if the remote device is attached to the network and supports Wake-on-LAN.  If the device you wish to wake is not inventoried by the K1000 
but you still know the MAC (Hardware) address and its last-known IP address, you can manually enter the info to wake the device.

<div class="roundbottom">
<img src="./images/RoundRectBottomLeft.gif" alt="" width="15" height="15" class="corner" style="display: none;">

        <span class="filtercount" style="display:none" id="hidden_machine_picker_count"></span>
        <span class="filtercount" style="display:none
" id="hidden_device_picker_count"></span>
        <form class="edit" action="" method="post" target="_self" />
        <div class="wordwrap messageBox">
<span class="messageBoxTitle">Please correct the following errors:</span><ul><li class="error">A Wake-on-LAN packet was sent to 
wake <strong>[PERSISTENT INJECTED SCRIPT CODE!] ([PERSISTENT INJECTED SCRIPT CODE!])</strong>. </li><li class="error">Please note that it may 
take several minutes for the device to power on and be available for use.</li></ul></div> 
        <table cellspacing="1" cellpadding="0" border="0">

            <td colspan="2" class="inputFormat"><h2>Wake Multiple Devices</h2></td>
            <td class="inputFormat" 
style="width: 30%; vertical-align:middle;">Limit To Selected Labels:</td>
            <td width="70%">
                <select name="label" style="width: 
30em" onchange="updateFields(this)" id="label">
<option selected value="" title="Select a label…">Select a label…</option>
<option value="72" 
title="Adobe Flash Player">Adobe Flash Player</option>
<option value="71" title="Adobe Reader X">Adobe Reader X</option>
<option value="49" 
title="All Ticket Owners">All Ticket Owners</option>
<option value="33" title="MemberOfBuildingA">MemberOfBuildingA</option>
<option value="32" 
<option value="64" title="Windows 7 - Critical - 2012">Windows 7 - Critical - 
<option value="65" title="Windows XP - Critical - 2012">Windows XP - Critical - 2012</option>

            <td colspan="2" class="inputFormat"><img src="/adminui/images/timer_16x16.gif" alt="" height="16" width="16" border="0" /> 
<a href="wol_list.php">Schedule a routine Wake-on-LAN event</a></td>
            <td colspan="2" height="10px"></td>
            <td colspan="2" class="inputFormat"><h2>Wake a Computer</h2></td>

<td class="inputFormat" style="width: 140px; max-width: 140px; vertical-align:middle;">Limit To Listed Machines:</td>

<select name="machine[]" size="7" multiple="1" id="machine[]" style="width:30em">
                    <option value="0" 
title="----- Machine Names -----">----- Machine Names -----</option>
                <input class="inputFormat" 
type="button" value="Remove"  onclick="machineRemoveSelected()" />
                <input class="inputFormat" type="button" value="Remove All" 
onclick="machineRemoveAll()" />
            <td height="10px"></td>
<td valign="bottom">
                <select name="" id="machine_picker" style="width:30em" onchange="machineAddNameToList(this);
this.selectedIndex = 0; ">
<option value="" title="Loading...">Loading...</option>

The security risk of the persistent input validation web vulnerabilities are estimated as medium(+).

Vulnerability Laboratory [Research Team] - Ibrahim Mosaad El-Sayed  [ibrahim@evolution-sec.com]

The information provided in this advisory is provided as it is without any warranty. Vulnerability-Lab disclaims all warranties, 
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