# Exploit Title: XODA Document Management System Stored XSS & Arbitrary File Upload Vulnerability.
# Date: 21/08/2012
# Exploit Author: Shai rod (@NightRang3r)
# Vendor Homepage: http://xoda.org/
# Software Link: http://sourceforge.net/projects/xoda/files/xoda/xoda-0.4.5/
# Version: 0.4.5
#Gr33Tz: @aviadgolan , @benhayak, @nirgoldshlager, @roni_bachar

About the Application:

XODA targets the end-user allowing organizing of documents in a professional manner.

Vulnerability Description

1. Arbitrary File Upload:

It is possible to access the file upload page "?upload_to=" without the need to authenticate (log in) to the XODA system.
An attacker is able to upload a web shell to the server and gain unauzhorized access to the operating system.

Vulnerable URL: http://server/xodadir/?upload_to=

Default location of uploaded files: http://server/xodadir/files/

2. Stored XSS in file description.

Steps to reproduce the XSS:

2.1 Select a document.
2.2 Click on description.
2.3 Enter XSS Payload: <img src='1.jpg'onerror=javascript:alert(document.cookie)>
2.4 Reload the page XSS Should be triggered.

3. Stored XSS in filters.

Steps to reproduce the XSS:

3.1 Select the document.
3.2 Click on filters.
3.3 In the "Filters (one per line):" field insert XSS paload: <img src='1.jpg'onerror=javascript:alert(document.cookie)>
3.4 Click "Set filters".
3.5 Click on the document icon to open its properties.
3.6 XSS Should be triggered.
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XODA Document Management System v0.4.5 XSS & Arbitrary File Upload
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