# Exploit Title: WordPress WP-Predict v1.0 Blind SQL Injection
# Date: 7/9/12
# Exploit Author: Chris Kellum
# Vendor Homepage: http://www.pootlepress.co.uk/
# Software Link: http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/wp-predict.zip
# Version: 1.0

Vulnerability Details

PredictId parameter in post request is vulnerable to blind SQL injection.

Testing Details

When attempting follow-up submissions, the plugin states that you've already voted. This can easily be circumvented by using your browser's back button.

Injection Example

Using Burp Suite or other proxy, intercept the post request when submitting your answer and append and 1=1 to the predictId parameter before forwarding:

predictSelection=1&predictId=1 and 1=1&postAction=submitVote&submitVote.x=70&submitVote.y=26

In the example above, the statement evaluates to true and the vote count increases by 1.

Sending a new request with "predictId=1 and 1=0" will not increase the vote count.
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WordPress WP-Predict Plugin v1.0 Blind SQL Injection
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