Stem Innovation ‘IZON’ Hard-coded Credentials (CVE-2013-6236)
Mark Stanislav -

Stem Innovation's IP camera called ‘IZON’ utilizes numerous hard-coded credentials within its Linux distribution and also the hidden web application running on the camera. These sets of credentials are never exposed to the end-user and cannot be changed through any normal operation of the camera. Further, using the web interface credentials will provide access to a camera stream and configuration details, including third-party API keys.

iOS Mobile Application: 1.0.5
Camera Firmware: 2.0.2

1) Telnet Credentials
* "root" with a password of "stemroot"
* "admin" with a password of "/ADMIN/"
* "mg3500" with a password of "merlin"

2) HTTP Credentials (http://camera-ip/mobileye/)
* "user" with a password of "user"

Update to the latest firmware and hope for the best.


09/06/2013 - Initial vendor contact stating I wanted to discuss a variety of security issues
09/06/2013 - Vendor’s help desk responded and asked for clarification about my request
09/06/2013 - Responded to the vendor’s help desk and reaffirmed my purpose for contact
09/16/2013 - Updated my existing help desk ticket after not hearing back in 10 days
09/19/2013 - Received a response back to contact their CEO directly about these issues
09/19/2013 - E-mailed the vendor’s CEO with synopsis details and severity ratings for the key issues
09/30/2013 - I opened up a new help desk ticket to follow-up after not hearing from their CEO after 11 days
10/01/2013 - The new case was updated saying that their CEO was aware of my email and would respond
10/03/2013 - I received a follow-up from their CTO with no specific details about plans to fix issues
10/03/2013 - Followed-up with the CTO to ask for specific details about the issues I had found
10/14/2013 - CTO responded asking to “meet” to discuss my findings but again offered no details
10/14/2013 - Offered up time ranges for the next day that were viable to discuss my findings
10/17/2013 - Public presentation of camera research which included these issues
10/28/2013 - Still no response from vendor on confirmation of fixes or a timeline to do so
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Stem Innovation ‘IZON’ Hard-coded Credentials

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