Undergroundthalo Hacking Team - Security Advisory

Release Date.              13-Okt-2012
Last Update.               -             
Vendor Notification Date.  14-Okt-2012
Product.                   Sisfokol 4.0
Download.		   http://sisfokol.bitnet.web.id/
Platform.                  PHP
Affected versions.         4.0 possibly others
Solution Status.	   No response from the vendor
Severity Rating.           High
Impact.                    Exposure of sensitive information
                           Exposure of system information
                           System Access
Attack Vector.             Remote without authentication
CVE reference.             CVE - not yet assigned

The web application is vulnerable to multiple security
vulnerabilities, such as Unauthenticated File Upload

Remote Bypass Authentication
All form in direktori [Sisfokol]/janissari/k/ does not require authentication
to upload a file. By issuing a POST request with a webshell
embedded in a JPEG image it is possible to upload [Sisfokol]/filebox/

Direktori Affected

Discovered by.
Ramdan Yantu aka cr4wl3r from Undergroundthalo Hacking Team

Undergroundthalo Hacking Team
Site: http://0xuht.org
Twitter: @hackb0x
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Sisfokol 4.0 Arbitrary File Upload
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