# Exploit Title: phpmoneybooks 1.03 Stored XSS
# Date: Jun 28, 2012
# Exploit Author: chap0 - chap0.blogspot.com - @_chap0
# Vendor Homepage: http://phpmoneybooks.com/
# Software Link: http://sourceforge.net/projects/phpmoneybooks/files/phpMoneyBooks103.zip/download
# Version: 1.03
# Patch: Upgrade to 1.04

Vendor Description:
phpMoneyBooks is an open sourced php/mysql program. A free alternative to QuickBooks.

phpmoneybooks 1.03 is vulnerable to Stored XSS vulnerability enabling an attacker
to execute arbitrary JavaScript code withing the application. The vulnerability
can be utilized when adding a new bank account or customer account. Users other
then the admin account are able to input this information which in return can
enable the super admin user to fall victim to this attack. The vulnerable index 
pages reside in /banks/index.php and /customers/index.php. 

Stored XSS example:


Disclosure Timeline:
June 28, 2012 - Contacted Vendor
June 28, 2012 - Vendor replied, and patch application

Vulnerable Code:


    40	   $_POST[AcctName]=trim($_POST[AcctName]);
    41	    if(strtolower($row[1])==strtolower($_POST['AcctName'])) {
    42	      echo "<script type='text/javascript'>
    43	        alert('Duplicate account: $_POST[AcctName] already exists.');
    44	      </script>";
    45	      $_GET[action]="AddForm";


    36	if($_GET[action]=="AddUser"){
    37	$query = "INSERT INTO phpMB_customers (AcctNo,DisplayName, CompanyName,MrMs,FirstName,MiddleIn,LastName,Contact,Phone,Phone2,Fax,Email,Rela
	tion,BillingAddress,ShippingAddress,Notes) VALUES ('$_POST[AcctNo]', '$_POST[DisplayName]', '$_POST[CompanyName]', '$_POST[MrMs]', 		'$_POST	[FirstName]','$_POST[MiddleIn]', '$_POST[LastName]','$_POST[Contact]',	'$_POST[Phone]', '$_POST[Phone2]','$_POST[FAX]','$_POST	 
	[Email]', 'Customer','$_POST[BillingAddress]', '$_POST[ShippingAddress]', '$_POST[Notes]')";
    38	QueryMysql($query);
    39	$_GET[action]="";

By adding strip_tags to the strings in the php code allows the user input to be sanitized.

A couple of other vulnerabilities that exist in this application:

 Usernames and passwords sent in clear text at log in.

The users cookie gets set as username and MD5 password of the user. With this if an
attacker inject javascript that steals cookies, the attacker will obtain the users username
and MD5 hashed password.

These two vulnerabilities are not fix, vendor was notified and is aware.
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phpmoneybooks 1.03 Stored XSS
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