# Exploit Title: FarODP V6.1 Remote File Disclosure Vulnerability (.htaccess)
# Date: 15.10.201
# Exploit Author: d3b4g 
# Vendor Homepage: http://www.farfarfar.com/scripts/odp/
# Software Link: http://www.farfarfar.com/dir/
# Tested on: Windows 7
# Blog: d3b4g.me
# twitter: @schaba
Script Description:

     What is FarODP?

     Get live data from the Open Directory Project to your own website. Let visitors 
    browse and search categories of websites. This script is easy to install; just upload
    this script to your server. You can easily customize the layout by editing the templates.
    It supports thumbnails of websites, caching, filter adult categories and searches, foreign
   language support, search engine friendly mode, and URL rewriting.

     () Proof of Concept:

    () Previous versions might be vulnerable
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FarODP v6.1 Remote File Disclosure Vulnerability (.htaccess)

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